Old School Mondays:: K-9 Posse & Tribe Called Quest

It's a long weekend up here in Canada, lots of family time and the like, which means I don't have a ton of time to write my usually verbose intro for Old School Mondays. Last week one of the Ack's posts was a nod to one my favorite Eddie Murphy SNL skits, the one where Eddie portrays Clarence, a man who claims he molded the Beatles before they kicked him out of the group and stole all his good ideas. You can watch the skit below, and I think it's still quite comical, so I encourage you to. Mainly I just wanted to post that video, so I decided I'd find some old school jams to tie in to Eddie Murphy. Well the first one was easy, as Eddie's brother had his own group, K-9 Posse, so they're leading off with Ain't Nothin To It from their self titled debut. Next, I tried to find something on a soundtrack from one of Eddie's old movies, but that was easier said then done as they are all full of terrible R&B; or wacky 80's rock aimed at white people. So I went with my fallback, Tribe's Hot Sex from 1992's Boomerang.

mp3:: K-9 Posse - Ain't Nothin' To It
All I'd ever really known about the K-9 Posse is that Eddie Murphy's brother is a member of the group. It turns out the brother in question isn't even the now fairly famous Charlie, but rather the relatively unknown Vernon. Well I guess Vernon is kind of famous, at least I know his name. I have no idea who the other dude in the group is. I do know this album was produced by West Coast production legend, Battlecat, so the beats are of the classic 1988/89 variety. The song is a pretty good example of late 80's party rap. There were tons of groups like this that made ok music, and might've had a couple singles that got some airplay, but ultimately just disappeared. I'm guessing lines like this didn't help: "This is K-9, Posse, so pass the courvoisie...yay". Anyway, it's worth checking out, the video, a classic 80's "wacky classroom" piece a la Pee Wee's dance, is below as well.

mp3:: A Tribe Called Quest - Hot Sex
This is classic Tribe from the fairly decent 1992 Eddie Murphy film Boomerang which is notable, I believe, for Halle Berry's scene stealing role. I'm short for time so I'll just mention that this beat was jacked by P Diddly Daddy for Mary J. Blige's Love @ First Sight which might be why most people recognize it these days. Not even sure how this song got on the Soundtrack, considering it also features Toni Braxton, Shanice, Boyz II Men, Johnny Gill, and Grace Jones. In fact other than this jam, the closest hip hop act is reluctant stage diver P.M. Dawn. I don't think it featured on a Tribe album until The Love Movement, but it's a solid jam, so enjoy.

video:: Eddie Murphy - 5th Beatle

video:: K-9 Posse - Ain't Nothin' To It

video:: Tribe Called Quest - Hot Sex

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