Monday, August 27, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Kwame & Cash Money and Mervelous

All righty, this week we've got one fairly obvious old school selection, and one semi-random connection. If you're an avid reader, you might guess the obvious one. In my Halifax Pop Explosion preview for the almighty Plaskett, I dropped this gem:

Anyway, seeing as we go way back with Joel like Kwame and polka dots, it seemed like a natural place to start my fest previews.

That's probably more of a shiny rock than a gem, but whatever, I enjoyed it. And of course, today you get to enjoy some Kwame. Because I referenced my post where I talked about the stigma the polka dots put on Kwame, you might think you're getting something from when he was actually rocking the dots. Well you think wrong, as you're getting The Rhythm from his first album Kwame The Boy Genius. The second song is for my wife Petra. It seems she, like many people (ahem, women), enjoys this song Beautiful Girls by someone named Sean Kingston, who I think is also the fat guy on SNL, but I could be wrong. Anyway, when P told me she liked this song, I said "you've had enough wine". Well I didn't say that, but I said "I liked this song better when it was called Find An Ugly Woman and it was done by by Superlover Cee and Casanova Rudd". Actually I didn't say that either as I wasn't sure if that song was by Superlover Cee and Casanova Rudd. Lucky for me, because, as you surely know good reader, the song is actually by Cash Money and Marvelous. So there you have it, the second jam is Find An Ugly Woman by Cash Money and Marvelous.

MP3:: Kwame - The Rhythm
"I came here for somethin' funky to happen, is this Christmas because everybody's wrapping". Oh the genius of young Kwame. I bought Kwame's first album, The Boy Genius, from the Bayers Road Sam The Record Man. If you aren't from Halifax, this probably means nothing to you, but Sam The Record Man is now defunct across Canada. Anyway, I always liked this album (or rather EP, as it's like 8 songs in total), and upon hearing it again, I still do. The beats are funky, with The Rhythm's kick drum loop and bassline still as addictive as ever, and the Kwamster has a conversation MC approach that makes for easy listening. Kwame learned to play many instruments as a youngster, and this got him into production, which is rather lucky as unlike many golden age MC's, he had a job in the biz to fall back on when his MC career was dealt a polka-dot covered death-blow. Anyway, if you've never heard Kwame, or only know the dotted-out Kwame of songs like Oneovdabigboiz or Ownlee Eue, give this a listen.

MP3:: Cash Money and Marvelous - Find An Ugly Woman
As I mentioned, this song uses the exact same premise as Sean "Goodburger" Kingston's hot new jam: dating a beautiful woman will drive you crazy. MC Marvelous just takes it to that next level by proposing you date an ugly woman to preserve your happiness. For those not in the new, Cash Money and marvelous are almost exactly the poor man's Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince with Cash Money on the wheels of steel and Marvelous dropping the comedy raps. In fact the beat on this one almost sounds exactly like Parents Just Don't Understand. Well that or the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, after all, who can keep their Will Smith harmless parents are wacky raps separate. The song also uses the Slick Rick "tic toc you don't stop" sample before these homely dudes ruined it forever. I think there's better material on the album this track is from, 1988's Where's The Party At, but this one proved a point, so enjoy it. As a bonus I've also included a clip that shows Cash Money wasn't just a gimmick on the wheels of steel. Well I guess the scratch where he looks like he's working the cross fade with his wang is kind of gimmicky but still, for '88, this is a solid set.

video:: DJ Cash Money 1988 DMC

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