Old School Mondays:: Organized Konfusion & Heavy D

All right, the connection between this week's Old School Monday jams is quite simple. or not simple at all, but either way, we've got a couple more excellent jams, and Ill try to explain the rationale behind them quick fast. Last week I reviewed Pharoahe Monch's latest album, Desire. After that it made sense to post something from Monch's original group, the criminally slept-on Organized Konfusion. I went with Let's Organize off of Stress - The Extinction Agenda because Fudge Pudge would've been too obvious. More to the point, I have a copy of the album on cassette and always enjoyed this jam. Really though, who doesn't love a posse jam? No one, that's who. The only thing better than one posse jam is two, so I needed to pair it with another one. I mentioned the Kool Moe Dee has ranked Monch at #26 in his book of the 50 best MC's, one spot behind Heavy D. Well that's enough of a connection for me, so hitting second we have Heavy D's best posse jam, Don't Curse off of 1991's Peaceful Journey.

mp3:: Organized Konfusion - Let's Organize
The Queens duo of Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch were known collectively as Organized Konfusion, well they were known by some at least, but they basically broke up because they got tired of being eternally under-rated. And under-rated they were. Listen to Stress - The Extinction Agenda today and you'll hear two MC's with skills today's MC's couldn't find with a GPS or that magic car that unlocks Tiger Woods' door from the inside. Let's Organize features Monch, Po, DITC vet O.C. (who made his debut on the eponymous Fudge Pudge, and Q-Tip does the hook. Already you know that this is a stellar cut because it follows rule 27 of the early 90's hip hop handbook: "when doing a posse track, including Q-Tip will make it %25 more enjoyable". Think about it, When's the last time you heard a posse cut with Q-Tip involved which you didn't enjoy? But anyway, the track has a funky, uptempo beat, mainly thanks of the sampling of Patrice Rushen's Kickin' It, and all of the MC's do fine, fine work. So I encourage you to check out Organized Konfusion if they're new to you, but enjoy this one as a taste.

mp3:: Heavy D f. Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Q-Tip & Pete Rock - Dont Curse
So Heav D is up next. I'm certainly hoping we've all heard of the Heavster, but I suppose the kids might know him more as an actor, or as nothing at all as he isn't on the scene too much these days. I know there's plenty of people who don't view Heavy D as a "serious" MC, but regardless of what you think, he is a big-time (or rather tyme, haha, terrible, I know) hip hop legend. Don't take my word for it, Moe Dee knows: "His flow is impeccable. Combine that with his flavourful delivery, and you have one of the most enjoyable MC's ever." Exactly. This song has been posted on blogs and things many times, but we love the video long time, so this was an excellent excuse to post it on the hill. The song itself is fantastic enough, classic Pete Rock beat with an all-star MC roster, but the video takes it to that other level. Honestly, if I were to list everything I enjoyed in this video, you would be reading this for another 30 minutes. But here's a quick hat-trick: G. Rap's after-hours club with the kid's roulette wheel and his white pants, CL Smooth's generic "urban" backdrop and his sassafrass "hoodie with no T-shirt underneath" ensemble, and Big Daddy. Oh Big Daddy. Honestly, BDK is the best. His silk PJ's and broken arm combo is one of the best video looks of all time. I can't resist a couple more points: Grand Puba is one of the more underratedly enjoyable MC's ever, and Pete Rock's Sergio Tacchini track suit. Surely you noticed Q-Tip's presence, affirming my point about rule #27. I also enjoy Tip rocking the Georgia Tech apparel. Put some huge glasses on him and he'd be me from CAD Anniversary '91. Ok, I'm stopping now, but enjoy the song and video.

video:: Heavy D & Friends - Don't Curse

@ 1:52 AM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

Pete Rock should have never been allowed to rap on the track. His flow is comically slow compared to the heavyweights beforehand.

"I can't curse cuz Heavy-d said so...", that line is cringe inducing.


@ 8:58 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

haha, I certainly can't disagree with this, obviously Pete Rock got thrown the MC-ing bone due to his dope production. But that was way back in the day, certainly in this day & age no one would overlook a producers weak flow. Oh, wait...


@ 11:31 PM, Bumpsdick kicked the following game:

Heh. Nice. Saw you on the hypemachine. Props. I did something similar a few months in a column called 'old rap wednesdays'. I thought that was funny.



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