Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Dan Mangan

It's an absolutely miserable day here. Raining, but not hard enough to be comforting, just enough to keep you stuck inside. It's depressiing, especially considering it is mid-August, but it's also the perfect kind of weather to throw on Dan Mangan's Postcards and Daydreaming. The 2005 release should have actually made him a household name. He's poetic, sensitive, melodic and haunting - much in the the same way Hayden makes you feel. His voice opens up and loats around the room like the smells from my cup of coffee and really let's you have something to hold onto on those days where everything else seems lost.

Dan is a Vancouver based singer, who tends to use minimal textures to carry his words (So Much for Everyone) is a great example, but with this record he showed he is quite capable of beefing up his sound with a variety of guitar lines to keep the songs from blending (like he does on the terrific Unnatural Progressions). There isn't much you can say about Dan that doesn't make him seem like just another song writer - beautiful songs, finger-picked riffs and a powerful voice - but that's just the thing. All of those descriptors are actually just taking away from how impressive his songs are. Probably my favorite song is the J TIllman-esque depressing beauty (and the nice harmonies help) of Reason to Think Aloud.

He's opening up for Mark Berube @ Wise Hall on August 23rd. Show up early and give him a listen.
MP3:: Journal of a Narcoleptic

myspace - which you should hit up for the nice stripped down Smith cover

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