Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Between the Covers:: The Band vs. Michelle Shocked

I've mentioned the Band in something like four posts in a row, so it makes sense they show up in the Between the Covers battle. This song, The Weight, is as classic as it gets, so it's not much of a battle. It's more of an interesting way to introduce you all to Michelle Shocked.

MP3:: The Weight - The Band
Seriously. If you haven't sung along to this song you've probably never been to a bonfire party, seen movies, or gone to karaoke. The Band is a quintessential roots outfit. They played with Dylan and The Weight is probably their best known track. The three part harmonies on the chorus are awesome, and the song just makes you feel good. I actually don't know how you can't like this song.

MP3:: The Weight - Michelle Shocked
Michelle Shocked is not quite as easy to describe, but here we go - Shocked is an anarchist, environmentalist, feminist, punk rocking folk singer who has released dozens of tapes and been featured in documentaries. Still here? Good. Her new release - ToHeavenURide - is an adventure. It's a live show that was recorded by a fan, and it sounds great.

She hits on gospel, roots, blues, folk and does it all with a message of love and hope. I know that is a turn off for most people, but Shocked does it with such a sincerity, you kind of believe in what she has to say. This version of the Weight is just one of many tracks (check out Wade in the Water) that will catch your ear from this show.

Still - easy decision = The Band.

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