Halifax Pop Explosion:: Featured Artist - In-Flight Safety & The Superfantastics

Today we continue our quest to discuss all (some, most, however many we get to before time runs out) the acts slated to play this year's Halifax Pop Explosion with two locals bands we've covered before on the hill. Those bands would be In-Flight Safety and The Superfantastics. I figured it made sense to pair these bands because as I said, we've covered them before on the hill, and also, other than both being based in Halifax, the two couldn't be more opposite if they were aiming to. The four-piece that is In-Flight Safety plays large, sweeping pop music that has been compared to uber-groups like Coldplay and (gasp) U2, while The Superfantastics are a boy-girl two piece that plays "cute-core" songs about Theodore Tugboat and falling in love over C++. As different as they are, I think they're both excellent in their respective ways.

In-Flight Safety has been touring like crazy over the last year and a half to support their 2006 release, Coast Is Clear, and build on the buzz that had seen them declared in some quarters as Halifax's "next big thing". I've sensed recently that there's been a smidgen of a backlash towards IFS in the Halifax scene, probably due to the heady super-band comparisons and the fact that their music has a bigger, shinier sound then a lot of the indie bands in Halifax lean towards. That's unfortunate, as Coast Is Clear is a great record, and In-Flight Safety are rather impressive to see live as all that touring has resulted in a polished stage show. I caught IFS during an ECMA showcase at The Marquee earlier this year, so let's hear what I had to say:

In-Flight Safety have a big, kind of sweeping sound, so I was interested in seeing how that translated to a live show. In short, it translates pretty well. Their drum sounds were big and powerful, and they had two keyboards on stage which also gave them a different dimension then the other acts. John Mullane pretty much had the Marquee crowd eating out of his hand, and his stage banter sounded like that of an old pro.

Well there you go, do I not sound impressed? Actually I'm not sure what what that sounds like, but I remember being impressed. I also remember being deaf, as Carmen Townsend blew my doors off at the end of the night, so I might've still been suffering from that shell-shock. Anyway, it turns out In-Flight Safety will be playing the Marquee again for the Pop Explosion on October 19th. The hill will be in the house, you should be too.

The hill's Coast Is Clear post from way back in the day. Or last year. Enjoy IFS' most recent single Fear and it's accompanying rather-serious, fairly-inspiring video.

MP3:: In-Flight Safety - Fear

VIDEO:: In-Flight Safety - Fear

The Superfantastics are a two-piece composed of Matt MacDonald (vocals, guitar) and Stephanie d’Entremont (drums, vocals). I've covered them a couple times on the site, discussing both their EP, Like Letters and their full-length album, Pop-Up book. If you check out either of those posts, you'll see I like the Superfantastics. In fact, Matt and Staphanie come across as so likable that it is really rather impossible to not like them. Unless as a rule you just hate happy, nice people, or pink drumkits. In that case you might hate them. I mean this is the entry for influences on their myspace:

The Superfantastics are the Alex P. Keaton of the indie-pop scene. Small in size, big in heart and adorable in a sweater-vest.

Really, is that the kind of thing you can hate? I doubt it. Did I also mention The Superfantastics assembled the little pop-up in their album liner notes themselves? Really, you have to admire that kind of hustle. Anyway, The Superfantastics will be playing October 16th at The Attic and I'm willing to bet that'll be a fun evening.

MP3:: The Superfantastics - Countdown

VIDEO:: The Superfantastics - Countdown

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