Halifax Pop Explosion:: Featured Artist - Sole & The Skyrider Band

After all the work I've done here on the hill over the last few years, I'd like to think I've advanced to a point where I'm more than just than the "hip hop guy". That being said, I am still actually the hip hop guy, so it makes sense that I discuss the one hip hopish act playing the Pop Explosion. And what and interesting act it is. Sole & The Skyrider Band is comprised of, not surprisingly, Anticon stallwart Sole, the man originally known as Skyrider: electronic musician Bud Berning, and the instrumentalists who round out the band: William Ryan Fritch and John Wagner.

It seems that earlier this decade, Sole spent over 2 years in Europe, and after returning to the US he met Orlando, Florida's Berning, who had started creating electronic music after coming out of a coma caused by a car crash. After collaborating with Berning and the two other fellers now comprising the Skyrider band, Sole invited the 3 to move to his house in Flagstaff, Arizona with the idea of recording an album. Well that's just what happened. Even though Sole already had 10 songs in the bag for a new album, he scrapped those, and the focus went, ahem, soley on recording an album with the Skyrider band. An album, I should mention, which Anticon will release on October 23rd. I'm looking forward to hearing the full album, as the two songs they've posted on myspace are really interesting. The dense, spacey beats are a good match for Sole's rapid-fire, thought-provoking lyrics. I'm guessing that done live, these songs will be pretty intense.

So it's safe to say that this show is being added to my can't miss list. I'm not going to front and say I'm intimately familiar with Sole's past work, as I don't have any of his albums, but I like what I've heard from them so far. Plus, the chance to see an act like this in Halifax is fairly rare. The band's myspace says the show is going to be October 20th at The Attic, and the other dates listed are in Arizona, LA, San Francisco, New York and Chicago, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if you don't catch them during the Explosion, you might not see them in these parts again anytime soon. I know Sole is from Maine, but I don't think he gets up this way very often anymore, so catch this show if you can.

MP3:: Sole & The Skyrider Band - Shipwreckers

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