Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Halifax Pop Explosion:: Tegan and Sara

Wonder Twin powers activate… form of new wave, angst ridden ditties. The Quin twins are probably the biggest draw of the Pop Explosion, especially with the spotlight beaming on them after the release of The Con. The record is probably the most accessible release from the girls (and they have been influenced a lot by their tour mates over the last 18 months), and with the help of some friends (Matt Sharpe and Hunter Bargan) and Death Cab's Chris Walla twisting the nobs, the girls are finding themselves on radio play lists everywhere.

The most interesting thing about this record for me is that the girls wrote songs by individually, and despite the cohesion of the record, you really hear the differences between Sara and Tegan's styles. You can read more in our review - here.

Don't believe us?
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MP3:: The Con

Good news:
They have two shows in Halifax, both @ the St. Matthews Church (Oct. 16 and Oct. 17).
Bad news:
Both shows sold out like Puffy and Mase.

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