Saturday, September 15, 2007

Michigan vs. Notre Dame:: Does anyone even care this year?

Okay. I'm a huge Notre Dame fan. Shane is a huge Michigan fan. So normally, this weekend involves an excessive amount of taunting from the powers that be on herohill. The right to gloat for a full year, and slide in jokes when you least expect it - like, the end of a hip-hop mix tape that samples Jarious Jackson clock mis-management resulting in a Notre Dame loss at the buzzer.

This year however, neither one of us cares. Jumping up to 1W, 2L in NCAA and still not being close to getting ranked, well it's like fighting over who gets to take Andrea Zuckerman to the West Bev dance (sorry, Family Guy is on and they made me think about her). Michigan lost to a Div 2 school in what is being called the biggest upset in college football. Then they got slapped by Oregon. So you'd think that I'd be happy as a pig in shit, but...

ND is probably worse. Ranked last in the NCAA in total offense, they have 0 rushing yards after two games. Think about that for a second. Super fatty Weis was supposed to be an offensive genius, and right now, he only draws up swing passes and runs between the tackles for small backs without the strength or speed to break one. I know the talent level dropped with everyone leaving, but it's getting ridiculous. The only saving grace is that Claussen didn't look horrible last week, and seemed more in tune with the game than any of the seniors.

Anyway... GO IRISH. Let's get our first offensive touchdown of the year!

MP3:: Irish Goodbye - Maria Taylor
MP3:: Wolverine - Sufjan Stevens

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