Wednesday, September 19, 2007

News:: Jon b. Has Beat Diarya

Edmonton hip hop does not let me down. Hip Hop from the rest of Canada however, does. Here I am just sitting around waiting to tell the world about your excellence, and yet you continue to snub me. Especially you Saskatchewan, how long are you going to ignore me, hiding in all your flowing golden wheat, I can see you in there you know. But never fear, as long as I have Edmonton and the rest of Alberta I'll never be lonely.

The latest Edmontonian to darken Herohill's doorstep is Toronto-based producer Jon b. I know what you're thinking, wasn't there a terrible R&B; singer named Jon b.? Well yes there was, but this isn't him. Well I suppose it could be, but by now I think I know everyone in Alberta and that terrible Jon b. doesn't live there. The Jon b. we're discussing has produced a mixtape/remix album featuring a number of Canadian MC's as well as some classic hip hop tracks.

But I think I do the Diarya a disservice by calling it mixtape, so here's the album description from Jon's site:

...he was just uninspired by the idea of a traditional remix album/mixtape, so Jon b resolved to include material that was spastic, odd and unexpected. In this rap experiment, Jon b includes "warps" of songs--sort of like a mash-up, but with his own unique interpretations.

Sound interesting? Well, it is. The album opens with Bubbles discussing J-Roc's album (which as it turns out seems to describe Beat Diarya), before Lord Finesse's Hip 2 Da Game kicks in with a Microphone Fiend-ish beat. Herohill's old friend SJ The Wordburglar's aptly named The Wordburglar gets the remix treatment with a loop I absolutely recognize, but cannot place. Toronto's Mindbender makes an appearance on the jazzy Maximum Supremacy. Jon b. freaks the Busta classic Woooo-Haaa! with a spacey beat, which is awesome as I've always loved that jam (people forget how awesome Busta was before that before he got kind of fat and became a Q-List actor). Mobb Deep's Shook ones Pt. II gets the "warp" treatment, which pairs the speeded up vocals with big echo-y drums. Lil Flip and Afu Ra also make an appearance, while the Canadian content is boosted by Edmonton natives Touch and Corvid Lorax.

All in all I have to say my most recent Edmonton excursion has been a pleasant surprise and it's certainly worth checking out.

MP3:: Jon b. - Hip 2 My Game

MP3:: Jon b. - Woooo Haaaa!

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