News:: New (Prairie) Catbird release

It's always disheartening to have to find out about a local band from a web site in NY, but what can you do? Catbird Records newest venture is the debut LP from Vancouver's own Prairie Cat (the one man band that is Cary Pratt), and after successful releases from Maestro Echoplex, Fulton Lights, Tap Tap and Moviola - Catbird Records is a name you can trust (at least for good music and interesting packaging).

The current "Catbird Podcast" features the piano/trumpet laced Grumpy Forever, but even more impressive is the pop ditty that greets you (Payin' the Rent) like a welcome mat with a clever slogan. It makes you smile and puts you in a good mood before you even walk inside. Pratt uses hand claps and a variation of keyboards/piano and if the demos he has streaming on the site are any indication (Don't Trust the Rust is another gem), this record should be a nice listen.

It should be noted that the timing of hearing Just Cuz is perfect. The Rhodes riff balances Pratt's quirky, double tracked vocals and as the tribute to the limited shelf life of summer love moves along happily, Cary states "summer's over… and so are we" and you want to reach for your rain, tighten the collar and start getting ready for another grey Vancouver winter.

Keep this on your radar and hopefully Pratt is going to play a few local shows soon.
MP3:: Grumpy

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