News:: The Saints (And The NFL) Are Coming...Back

Well the 2007 NFL season is finally upon us. Tonight the new NFL season kicks off with its now standard Thursday night extravaganza that features my beloved Saints against the defending champs, the Colts, and their poster boy/media darling/Easter Island foreheaded QB, Payton Manning. If that isn't enough for you, they're throwing a free concert featuring the likes of Faith Hill, Keyy Clarkson, and the Mellencamp! Actually, the game is enough, because as you know, the Ack and I love our football. And yes, I do mean the American kind. I know, I know, we're Canadian, what about the CFL, etc. and so on. Well unfortunately, the Ack and I don't get down with the CFL. We've tried, but quite simply, the American version is better. We know there are CFL zealots out there with a million reasons why the CFL is better, but they're wasted on us. So join us in giving thanks that the sports drought known as "baseball season" is finally coming to an end, and football season, surely the best season of them all, begins.

As you probably know from my Steelers-related Pop Explosion preview post the other day, the Ack is a Steelers die hard, while I have been rooting for the Saints since junior high. As you can imagine, I was pretty pleased about how last season went for the Saints. Of course I wish we could've be Sexy Rexy and the Bears and then played in the Superbowl, but after it was all said and done, it was hard not to be satisfied with how things went. I wish I could say things went as well for the city of New Orleans as a whole. Last year when the Dome was re-opening, lots of people talked about how insignificant football is in the wake of such a disaster. Logically, it's impossible to disagree with that, but I have to say that these days it often seems that without the Saints, many Americans would forget about New Orleans all together.

So let's all hope the Saints do as well as last year so the city can stay in the media spotlight. Scratch that, let's hope the Saints win the whole shebang. Don't the people who lived through Katrina deserve to see the team that represents them win the Super Bowl? How can you disagree, wouldn't that make you a heartless bastard? It's agreed then, the Saints will be the 07-08 Superbowl Champs, and we're all ecstatic about that. There's also a rumor of a Herohill live blog for the game tonight, so I imagine you're holding your breath for that.

Here's some music to get you in the mood, the ubiquitous U2/Green Day combo live from the Superdome, and The Golden Dogs Saints At The Gates (As an aside, don't forget about tonight's Golden Dogs show at The Attic, as it should be excellent. The combination of this here game we're discussing and a stellar cold I came down with yesterday is going to keep me away, but the Dogs are renowned for their live show).

MP3:: U2 & Green Day - The Saints Are Coming (Live From New Orleans)

MP3:: The Golden Dogs - Saints at the Gates

Video:: In case you forgot about the excellence of execution that is the Saints offence, here are the top ten plays from last year

Video:: The signature play from last year

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