Monday, September 3, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Kurious

Happy Labour day to our Canadian readers, while it's Labor Day for our friends to the south. Other than the extra vowel, this is one of the few Holidays we share with our southern neighbors. Believe it or not, some folks don't realize we do not celebrate July 4th up here. Anyway, all terrible Canada-US humor aside, we have a first here on Old School Mondays. We're got 2 songs from an Old School classic about to be re-released. That classic would be Kurious' A Constipated Monkey which was tremendously under-appreciated when it was released back in '94. In fact it was so under-appreciated that Sony dropped Kurious after the album's release and he never made a follow-up.

Well, the good folks at Boston's Amalgam Digital hope to remedy both of those problems. Firstly, they're re-releasing A Constipated Monkey so today's hip hop enthusiasts have a chance to appreciate its golden age excellence. On top of that, they're planning to give Kurious the chance to do his long awaited follow-up album. Sounds good to me, as the original album has aged well, with it's production mainly done by the Beatnuts, and other tracks by the likes of Pete Nice, The SD50's, and the MC dude from Downtown Science. Jorge was a decent MC back in the day, so I'm interested to hear what a new album from him would sound like. For now enjoy two singles from A Constipated Monkey, Walk Like a Duck which is probably the most well-known jam from the album, and the Pete Nice/Daddy Rich produced I'm Kurious, which is more enjoyable than I remember.

MP3:: Kurious - Walk Like A Duck
This Beatnuts produced gem is a prototypical example of early 90's east coast hip hop. The thick drum loop, with the horns fading in and out is classic Beatnuts, and it should certainly make your head bob if you're of a certain age (i.e. old, like me). As I mentioned before, Jorge is a solid MC, certainly as good you might hope to find from back in '94, but lyrically, this song is just kind of a freestyle, comic- line session. Nothing wrong with that, and really would you be expecting a think-piece from a jam called "Walk Like A Duck"? Great song all in all, check it for sure if you're not familiar with it.

MP3:: Kurious - I'm Kurious
This jam is excellent mainly because the beat is a combo of samples used in many other excellent songs. The drums are the same used for Tribe's Jazz (We've Got), the flute loop was used by Paris for Days of Old, a song I loved, and the song uses the "I'm curious" vocal sample that Rakim used for the stellar love jam What's On Your Mind. Kurious does a good job breaking down all the obstacles he faces trying to make it as an MC, but the beat just makes this irresistible for me, so kudos to Pete Nice and Daddy Rich. For sure this was under-appreciated back in the day, certainly check this one out.

video:: Kurious - Walk Like a Duck

video:: Kurious - I'm Kurious

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