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Last night marked Los Angeles resident Ferraby Lionheart's first trek to Vancouver. Sadly, he was the opener on a bill that included flavor of the week The Brunettes and Bella. As a result, there were countless people showing up to be seen (polite way of saying a lot of people showing up early to talk loudly). Ferraby's piano/acoustic driven pop doesn't always stand up and command your attention, so the combination was a bit frustrating for fans (like me) who were interested in hearing his songs.

Despite competing with dozens of people for center stage, his set was filled to the rim with delicate pop magic. Ferraby's voice is remarkably pure and the band played well together. The intimate sounds of Vermont Avenue were balanced nicely with the extra pep they added to The Car Maker and Small Planet. Most of the set, obviously, was grabbed from Catch the Brass Ring, but he treated us to a nice version of Won't Be Long (which sounded great).

I was impressed by the 30 minutes and hopefully he'll be back here soon with a longer set time, playing for a more attentive audience. If you are a fan of his recorded work, Ferraby will draw you in with his live performance. Here is a tinny version of Won't Be Long with a lot of Vancouver hipsters on backing vocals / conversations.
MP3:: Won't Be Long

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