Sunday Morning Coffee:: The Sojouners

Yet another Sunday Morning coffee session, and this is probably the most appropriate selection for the category yet. The Sojourners are a gospel act from Vancouver, that benefit from silky souled out three part harmonies. Without trying to simplify the mix, I'd easily and happily compare then to the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Martcus Mosely, Will Sanders and Ron Small handle the vocals, and the three play off each other perfectly. Their vocals are diverse and can handle stomping tempos like the scat driven Run On, beautiful soulful ballads (Old Ship of Zion) and the more traditional gospel, clap-inducing hymns (Children Go Where I Send Thee).

The Sojouners are more than pleasant in the AM, they are uplifting. So little music these days is pure and full of heart, but these three men put their life in every song.

Without anything but a few simple claps, the vocals can harm your heart (Clean Up), but the guitar work of Steve Dawson shouldn't be overlooked. He freshens up the traditional gospel sounds with a lot of lap steel and the bending notes fit the vocals nicely. If you are looking to put some pep in your step on a Sunday morning, throw in Walking Up The King's Highway or People Get Ready and start feeling better.
MP3:: Eyes on the Prize
MP3:: Run On
MP3:: Children Go Where I Send Thee
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