Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Video:: The Superfantastics & Jenn Grant

I don't do many "video" posts here on the hill, but I've been thinking lately that I should. I honestly don't know where one would go these days if you were looking to watch music videos on the tv. Here in Canada perhaps you could check out the lamely named Much More Music and catch a video or two, but their top 20 list is a melange of nonsense, Canadian and otherwise. Since videos have gotten the Nore treatment, and have been Banned From TV, artists have had to turn to the internet to get their videos seen.

That's where sites like this little gem of ours come in. Or would come in if I'd post more videos. Well let's remedy that right now with a couple excellent videos I've been put up on in the last week or so. The first is Tonight Tonite from herohill favorite, The Superfantasics. Directed by illustrator Mike Holmes and inspired by the Teeny Little Super Guy segments from Sesame Street, this is cool idea and a really fun video. My highlights include the jogging vitamin bottle, the drunk kids/bottles, and the bottle cap & puck drumkit. As you know from our stellar coverage, The Superfantastics are playing the Halifax Pop Explosion, so catch then October 16th at the Attic.

The next video is Dreamer from the delightful Jenn Grant. I already loved this song, but the video takes it to another level with the following elements: interprative dance, an old school bike posse in the woods, a choreographed dance routine, a Soultrain style dance aisle, and sparklers! You could ask for more out of a video, but that would make you kind of a greedy so and so. Unfortunately, Jenn is not playing the Pop Explosion, but if you live in Ottawa, Montreal, Fredericton, Peggy's Cove or Halifax, you still can catch Jenn in your town. otherwise enjoy both of these videos.

Video:: The Superfantastics - Tonight Tonite

Video:: Jenn Grant - Dreamer

MP3:: The Superfantastics - Tonight Tonite

MP3:: Jenn Grant - Dreamer

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