Weekend:: The Press & Tournaments

It's Friday, and the start of a killer weekend. Tonight, Wolf Parade. Nuff said. The weekend also marks me and Nic's first anniversary, so posts will be few and far between. Here are a few quick hitters to keep you going this weekend:

The Press - Milk And The Times That Never Were
I'm not exactly sure how to describe these guys - quirky pop is too light (although at times it fits, like on I Still Make). They drive forward with some pulsing riffs, but Krab Teeth explodes into Hey Mercedes style vocals and energy. I don't think you can sit still when these guys play, whether it's the chaos of Krab Teeth, the triple vocals that pepper the guitar work on Bruised Mail Ego or the Western tinged yelps of Yosemite Sam Morning.
MP3:: Yosemite Sam Morning

I know almost absolutely nothing about this band, aside from the MP3s they shipped across the pond and the fact they are opening up for Lucero when the folk punks hit Europe. The demos show a lot of promise, and I'm sure they will get some notice when the warm up the crowd. Hopefully they will be recording an EP or LP soon.
MP3:: Lone Sailor

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