Between the Covers:: Daniel Johnston vs. Himself

Can you really battle yourself? Well, if any artist could, it would be Daniel Johnston. He's been battling his own demons for years. In this case, he's actually just doing two versions of his classic track, Speeding Motorcycle.

MP3:: Speeding Motorcycle
The first is off of one of his infamous recordings, Welcome to My World. The song, like most of his work, is lo-fi nuttiness. A simple percussion and keyboard and child like lyrics are all that you get. To be completely honest, I'm actually not sure how people can sit down and listen to his work on a regular occasion...

Video:: Speeding Motorcycle with Jason Dove and the Magic Whip
But when artists get a hold of his songs, they blossom. The tribute record - Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered - was unreal. Artists like Death Cab, Calvin Johnson, Clem Snide, and Beck really show you that underneath all his troubles and issues, Johnston might just be a genius.

Dove and his band - the Magic Whip - played a few songs with Johnston, and again their additions help the song take a new life.

So who wins this battle? Well, I guess the fans of his work. It's another sincere example of how this troubled man helped leave a huge thumb print on the world of indie music.

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