Monday, October 29, 2007

Between the Covers:: The Antlers vs. Beach House

Normally in this section I try to find an old classic and hit you off with a cover by some new up-and-comer, but this one is too good not to get noticed. The Antlers - aka Peter Silberman - is a ambient, electro project that delivers the goods. In prep for his new record, Peter tracked a three song EP that includes a stellar cover of Apple Orchard from Beach House.

MP3:: Apple Orchard- Beach House
This record made our Top 20 last year, as the minimal vibe and pump organ sounds created an amazing atmosphere. Rather than try to come up with something new, I'll just ctrl-c, ctrl-v what I wrote about this track last year.
The perfectly placed slide guitar on Apple Orchard that takes the song from another electronica number and adds a country-crying in your beer feel (when Legrand utter the line, “You always give me what you don’t want to hold, Ask the questions that you don’t know at all” you can’t not feel her emotion).
MP3:: Apple Orchard - The Antlers
This cover is pretty true to form, but instead of the pump organ & slide guitar he supplements the sounds with another vocal line and a nice slow beat. The cover holds true to the original emotion of the song and Peter's vocals that kick in around the 2.5 minute mark sound great.

Overall, it's an ambitious cover, but I still prefer the original. Victory Beach House.

To keep you in the know with The Antlers, you can download the whole Cold War EP here. Yes, Scrooge McDuck, it's free. So take a break from swimming in your huge money bank and grab the tracks.

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