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The Big Ups:: Edinburgh, Scotland

All righty, with the Ack off hula dancing awkwardly, drinking from pineapples, sun-burning instantly, and whatever else white people do in Hawaii, I figured it was time for me to break out a new section or two. I mean really, the Ack is a posting machine, and I figured if I was going to provide even half the output he does, I was going need some ideas. This one here I've been meaning to do for a few weeks. Essentially I'm just going to scan the hill's visitor list and then send a shout-out to the city of one of our readers.

Of course you're now wondering "You're just going to arbitrarily pick a city? That's unfair, how will my city get picked!". Well, don't worry, I have come up with a set of guidelines. I should also mention that I'm going to attempt to do our weekly big up on the weekend, as I usually don't post on the weekend, and this will give me the impetus to do so. Anyway, at some point on the weekend I'll check out the list of our recent visitors, and big up the first city in the list that isn't Vancouver or Halifax and that we haven't bigged up before. The Ack and I live in Vancity and Haltown respectively, and we big up those cities all the time, so there's no need to do it here. I also won't be doing Toronto, as Ack and I both lived there, and we gave it plenty of love during our time there. I'll also be posting a song or two with each post, so there's also a chance a city will get bypassed if I can't think of anything to post with it.

Sounds fun no? Hopefully it will be. We're nothing if not a cosmopolitan, wordly outfit here at the hill, and we like to acknowledge our fine readers, no matter where they might be from. So if you happen to notice we've big upped your town, leave us a comment and let us know what's going down in your town.

Well then, the title of this post gives it away, but our inaugural big up goes out to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. That's appropriate, as I'm writing this from Nova Scotia, and for those not in the know, or American, Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland. So instead of going old to the new, like the classic Nice & Smooth track, this shout out is going from the new to the old. So here's to you Edinburgh, a city know for it's classic castle and the massive Edinburgh Festival, which isn't actually one festival, but a collection of festivals. Oh you cheeky Scots!

As you can imagine, a city the size of Edinburgh has plenty of quality bands that call it home. But if a band has Canada in it's name, then I have to go with them. So Boards Of Canada it is then. Enjoy Dayvan Cowboy from their latest EP, Trans Canada Highway.

Big Up To Edinburgh!

MP3:: Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

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