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The Big Ups:: Philadelphia, PA

All right, well fate has taken it easy on me for the second edition of the Herohill Big Ups. I launched this new section last weekend, but essentially I check out the visitor stats for the hill on the weekend and send a shout out to a particular city. I also post a song or songs that are related to said city. Considering some of the obscure cities that turn up in the stats (Budaƶrs, Hungary anyone?), finding some Philly music isn't too tough.

There's a number of directions I could go with this, but it's giving me a chance to post some songs I've been meaning to for a while. They are from Philly legend DJ Jazzy Jeff's latest album, The Return Of The Magnificent. They are actually two remakes of classic jams, Go See The Doctor 2K7 f. Twone Gabz being a update of the Kool Moe classic, and Brand New Funk 2K7 f. Peedi Peedi. Now go see the original doctor is a comically awesome song in both concept and execution, and this version isn't bad, but the real reason I wanted to post it is the skit at the end. It's Jeff getting all bitter about Will Smith hogging all the fame, and calling him up to ask if people ever ask where Jazzy Jeff is. I think it's set up, but I like it anyway. Brand New Funk is one of the only Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince songs I liked, so this one makes the cut too.

Anyway, that's it, Big Up to Philly!

MP3:: Jazzy Jeff f. Twone Gabz - Go See The Doctor 2K7

MP3:: Jazzy Jeff f. Peedi Peedi - Brand New Funk 2K7

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