Halifax Pop Explosion:: Arts & Crafts Showcase (Sans Art & not many Crafts)

For day 3 of the 2007 Halifax Pop Explosion, the Ack and I decided to start our evening at the Arts & Crafts showcase that was held at the venerable Marquee club. Our reasons for this were two-fold. First, we were drawn by the big names playing the Marquee's main stage (Young Galaxy, The Most Serene Republic, Apostle Of Hustle), and secondly there were a couple groups playing downstairs in Hell's Kitchen that we were really interested in seeing (These Electric Lives and Small Sins - our reviews here and here respectively).

Our initial plan was to alternate between the up & down stages to try and see as much of all the acts as we could. As you can probably imagine if you read our ramblings on a regular basis, this plan was quickly Chris-Boshed, and we ended up spending most of our time chilling in Hell's Kitchen.

Why's that you ask? Well, it's rather simple, we watched some of Young Galaxy and neither of us were too into them (their sound didn't mesh with the Marquee very well for some reason, because the record is great), so we headed down to catch Kill the Lights and These Electric Lives. Kill the Lights was a good opener, keeping the energy and crunchy guitars high. Their keyboard player - Stephanie Hanna - was super hyped and when she added vocals, the band really clicked. Plus, the song we recorded sounded like an early 90's techno jam you'd hear at a basketball game.

TEL fairly killed it, despite the small crowd gathered for their set. They kept the energy high the whole set, and the result was a bunch of people sticking their heads in to see what was going on, and being unable to leave. Once they finished we had a chance to chat with Mark & Gary from TEL who couldn't have been nicer (hope you got your donairs fellas!), and by the time we were done chatting, Small Sins were kicking off their set.

Small Sins was quite impressive live. Instead of simple keyboard and computer sounds, the band delivered a booming sound from some tiny synths. The songs sounded great and the hand claps, tambourines and synths for ced the crowd to be morereceptive with each note. We watched a number of their songs and then headed upstairs to see Apostle of Hustle.

Well, the A of H was a little late in getting rolling, so we made the executive decision to head over to The Attic to see Two Hours Traffic, who we both enjoy a great deal. So there you have it. We'll be updating this post throughout the day with media from the evening, so keep checking back!

MP3:: Young Galaxy - Wailing Wall (Live @ Hell's Kitchen)

MP3:: These Electric Lives - Soda Water (Live @ Hell's Kitchen)

MP3:: Small Sins - I Need A Friend (Live @ Hell's Kitchen)

Video:: These Electric Lives - Soda Water (Live @ Hell's Kitchen)

Video:: Small Sins - I Need A Friend (Live @ Hell's Kitchen)

What is the one thing drummers don't need? Shirts.

Young Galaxy hitting us with a wall of sound.

These Electric Lives love Pink.. and pink tees.

Small Sins absolutely killed it.

Montreal's Kill The Lights - aka the best indie band with a song that sounds like it was a 2Unlimited track.

This guy was willing to get punched in the face for a donair. That's true Haligonian spirit.

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