Halifax Pop Explosion:: The Drake Hotel Showcase

The second half of our night was spent at the Attic, just in time to watch people freak the fuck out over The Dudes and herohill favs, Two Hours Traffic. Seriously. The Dudes sing about not being able to get it up when their girl talks to them and still, people were screaming like the Beatles hit Shea.

As I mentioned in the Arts & Crafts post, our intent was to hit The Attic in time to catch Two Hours Traffic's set. Ack interviewed the guys a month or so ago in Vancity, so we thought perhaps we'd get there a little early to see if they had a few minutes to chat. However, once we arrived, and got frisked for the second night in a row, we found Calgary's The Dudes set had just gotten underway, and man, the crowd was eating out of their hands like some newly drinking age evangelicals at one of those huge glass tv churches.

Now I enjoyed The Dudes album, Brains.Heart.Guitar, but honestly, the love for them seemed was almost shocking. After their show they were signing autographs! We haven't seen anything like that at any other set so far, but then again, most of the crowds at the other shows are a little more on the scenester tip and would probably rather donate a kidney than ask someone for an autograph. But good on The Dudes really. If they get that same reception in other cities, don't be surprised if you see them on Muchmusic soon, or whatever stations actually shows videos now. One thing I will say for them is that they came out afterwards and were super psyched on THT's set, so bully for them. Matt Ellis from Mardeen was also super psyched as he came on stage to play the tambourine for a couple songs. Well he was either super psyched or super drunk, we couldn't say.

THT is one of the tightest pop acts in Canada - bottom line there. Their summery anthems have been gushed about on the hill countless times, so there is no point rehashing those words. This is the first time we've seen them headline, and the quartet delivered, playing a range of tracks form the new record and the Isolator EP. A super special treat was the presence of Andrew Magoffin when the band played a Two Minute Miracles track.

By the time they finished with Jezebel, the crowd was worked up to a sweaty frenzy. Long story short, their set was a great ending to a stellar evening in rock n' roll. It's become apparent in the last few days that the Canadian music scene is alive and kicking and bands like the Dudes and THT are perfect examples.

MP3:: The Dudes - Do The Right Thing (Live @ The Attic)

MP3:: Two Hours Traffic - Nighthawks (Live @ The Attic)

MP3:: Two Hours Traffic - Stuck For The Summer (Live @ The Attic)

Video:: The Dudes - Do The Right Thing (Live @ The Attic)

Video:: Two Hours Traffic - Nighthawks (Live @ The Attic)

Video:: Two Hours Traffic - Stuck For The Summer (Live @ The Attic)

Who's number 1? The Dudes, or guys with blazers and wack bracelets?

THT - fill our post full of booty.

THT borrowed a song, and a member from Two Minute Miracles (Andrew Magoffin).

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