Halifax Pop Explosion:: Joel Plaskett Bonus Coverage

I covered Joel's Pop Explosion show the other day, but I didn't get a chance to put up all the footage we had. Before the show I took the quality of my camera's videos down a notch, and this gave me close to 2 hours of video. So I was taping away during the show, not realizing my battery was dying faster than a Jimmy Clausen deep ball, and that I hadn't charged my other battery. So I managed to get great footage of the Plaskett show, it meant I had no juice for the CBC Radio 3 showcase. I had a hunch this wasn't good, and this hunch was confirmed when the songs Ack recorded sounded like a they were being played in a jet engine.

But that is neither here nor there. The Plaskett footage is decent, so I decided to share it with the people. The first song is New Scotland Blues, a song Joel wrote last year after touring in the UK. Next up is Before You Leave, which is from Thrush Hermit's 1998 swan song Clayton Park. Finally we have Natural Disaster from Joel's 2005 solo album La De Da, which features Joel's father Bill accompanying him on guitar. The videos are for New Scotland Blues and Natural Disaster as well as Love This Town which finds Joel freestyling on the lyrics. So enjoy.

MP3:: Joel Plaskett - New Scotland Blues (Live @ St. Mathew's Church)

MP3:: Joel Plaskett - Before You Leave (Thrush Hermit song - Live @ St. Mathew's Church)

MP3:: Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster (Live @ St. Mathew's Church)

Video:: Joel Plaskett - New Scotland Blues (Live @ HPX 07)

Video:: Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster (Live @ HPX 07)

Video:: Joel Plaskett - Love This Town (Live @ HPX 07)

@ 11:15 AM, Blogger John kicked the following game:

Is there any chance of getting an audio copy of the show? I'd love to hear it again.... I was at this show too.


@ 12:26 PM, Blogger naedoo kicked the following game:

I wish I could help, but I think I've posted all the footage we have. I only recorded 5 songs or so.


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