Halifax Pop Explosion:: Pigeon Row Showcase

Last night marked the opening of the 2007 Pop Explosion. The opening night show was the Pigeon Row showcase, featuring Husband & Knife, Blue Heeler, The Superfantastics and the Bicycles.

The night started with Heart & Knife, which is only really one guy - KC Spidle of Dog Day - and a guitar/bass and some depressingly dark lyrics. Considering the Superfantastics and the Bicycles are chock o block full of hand claps and sunshine, H&K was kind of like getting to Atlantic Playland and having it rain. That being said, the songs were powerful and really diversified the night.

The second act was the one I was really looking forward to the most. Blue Heeler is the new two-piece band comprised of Julie Doiron and Dick Morello of Shotgun and Jaybird fame. Their set was a banter filled, crazy horse guitar romp with Julie banging on the drums while Dick played guitar. The crowd was super into the set - especially the drunken, annoying college frosh who decided to start doing the Tootise Roll during some of the heavy guitar work.

I'm not sure the status of this band, but I'd love to get my hands on the record, as the songs were full of big distortion, and nice double vocals. They ended the night with a gritty cover of the Pogues Dirty Old Town, and you really got the impression the band was thrilled to get so much support from the jam packed Tuesday night crowd.

Remember that old Chinese proverb,"what is the sound of one hand clapping?" Well, last night we found the sound of three female drummers drumming. The Superfantastics were up next and Steph was an animal on the skins, complimenting Matt's pop driven guitar lines with huge fills and (as yelled by the crowd way too much) lots of cowbell. The band had just finished a tour with Blue Heeler and you can tell they've got their live show locked and loaded as the ditties flew by with out a stumble.

They treated us to some new songs as well as a nice take on the Inbreds track - Yelverton Hill:

MP3:: Superfantastics - Yelverton Hill (Inbreds Cover)

The night closed with pop sensations the Bicycles. Whatever you've heard recorded by the band, well it just doesn't live up to the energy and pure bliss of the live show. Despite a (metric) tonne of sound problems - the bass didn't really work for most of the set - the band used 4-part harmonies, hand claps and infectious pop lick to get the crowd dancing.

If the rest of the HPX is half this good, it's going to be a great week for the East Coast Music scene. Here are some pics of the night. Enjoy.

Husband And Knife

Blue Heeler

Julie Doiron on the skins

The Superfantastics

The Bicycles

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