Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halifax Pop Explosion:: Share & the Olympic Symphonium

Last night was a pretty diverse set of acts at HPX07. We started out checking out the Forward music showcase @ Ginger's Tavern. The small venue was a nice fit for the East Coast collective that broke down into three bands.

The opening act was the Olympic Symphonium, whose combination of folk and country was surprisingly modern and infectious. The stand up bass and guitars created a nice groove and rotating song writers (and lead singers) exposed the band's diversity. They put together beautiful harmonies and finger picked riffs that were unveiled slowly and gracefully.

Having never heard the band before walking into Ginger's, I was impressed by how well they grabbed my attention. The subtle sounds are perfect for chilly Autumn morning or quiet late nights. This is a band to keep an eye on.
MP3:: Till The Fall
MP3:: Speaking Touch - Live @ Ginger's

Up next was the draw for us - the folk/electronic act Share... and share they did. AJP Sisk joined forces with tOS's Kyle and Nick for the set. I was surprised to see no computers or drum machines on stage as Pedestrian mixes programming into the organic textures throughout, but the band omitted the electronics for the performance. Using Kyle's excellent stand up bass work to keep the tracks moving, Sisk was free to meander around the stable foundation of the tracks.

Despite the mellow vibe of the tracks, Sisk showed lots of energy and his banter helped keep the set from slowing down. If you weren't there, knowing that the band shared members and played country/folk, you'd assume the sounds were the same, but while the Olympic Symphonium tends to speed up the pace, Share seems content to stroll along and enjoy the journey. Highlights of the set included Silhouette and the fantastic harmonies on the Great Before.
MP3:: Silhoutte - live @ Ginger's

Did we take grainy photos you ask? Of course.

The Olympic Symphonium - black and white like MJ sang about

Share - band members and your melodica

Share - covering all your facial hair needs

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