News:: Bono is still a yutz

I'm not overly passionate about too many things, but my hatred for Bono is very strong. So much that I can't dismiss anything about him without feeling my blood pressure rise. I'm tired of Bono talking about world debt and I don't care how great he is because he plays Boggle with Condoleezza Rice.

But anyway, this is a music site, so we need to deliver music news. So here it is.

Bono has a new cause. His latest quest is to help rid the world of simple 2-D films and being a man of action, Bono is taking the first step (and finally answering the question, why Bono always wears those re-donk-ulous shades?) U2 is going 3D!
"U2 3D will be released in late January in 3-D only. The film was shot in South America during the band's "Vertigo" tour entirely in digital 3-D."

Now, I'm no internet celeb/supermodel, but I can't think of too many people I'd like to see less in 3-D than Bono and the Edge. Even Lawrence Fishbourne would look better because the huge poc-marks would look like they were twenty feet deep. Hopefully ticket prices are on par with concert tickets so no one bothers.

MP3:: With or Without U2 - Jawbreaker

@ 10:15 PM, Anonymous bono must fart, collapse and die a grotesque death kicked the following game:

u must check BONOMUSTDIE
that's 1 youtube clip, there's more
they're actually great, aside of having the best band name, period!


@ 12:31 PM, Blogger the stereo's whore kicked the following game:

True that!
'Emily' is pretty good by them. I think they could do with making some of their tracks a bit shorter.

And yes, Bono is terrible.


@ 12:18 PM, Blogger rickdog kicked the following game:

Several thousand people dying daily from AIDS and tens of thousands dying daily from hunger - isn't that enough to make peace with the devil in order to get some action?


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