Wednesday, October 31, 2007

News:: Yes, He Could Croon

The inspiration behind one of the hill's favoritest SNL skits has passed away. Robert Goulet died yesterday at 73. I'd always been under the impression that Goulet was Canadian, but it turns out he was born in the US to Canadian parents. Captain Wiki tells me he was seeking Canadian citizenship in the last couple years and he was also granted a star on Canada's walk of "fame" last year, so he was Canadian enough (how Canadian is that, adding quotes to acknowledge the inferiority of the famous people we've immortalized in a sidewalk, when will we learn!).

Wiki also adds this tidbit:

In 1982 he married Vera Novak in Las Vegas, Nevada. When not at their home in Las Vegas, Robert and Vera Goulet resided on their yacht in Los Angeles.

He lived on a yacht! Man, no matter how much fun was had at his expense, Goulet was still cooler than you. RIP to the man, the legend, The Goulet.

MP3:: Snoop vs. Yoshimi vs. Goulet & Ferrell

Video:: Coconut Banger's Ball

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