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Well, I'm back from the Hawaiian vacation, so posting will be back to normal starting tomorrow. I'll also be heading to Halifax... aka the Maritimes for the herohill reunion at Halifax Pop Explosion. So, trying to spin it together, here's some Maritime (the band) news - another daytrotter session.

The band stopped by and banged out 4 songs, so stop by an enjoy.
MP3:: Pearl - live @ daytrotter

In some random self promotion, check out an the interview we did (well, Shane chipped in a few golden nuggets) as a part of the 13 Questions series on the great pop culture blog - Ashcan Rantings.

The series is a way to get to know great writers, bloggers, musicians and the like. So, what are we doing sharing the pages with OSU profs, authors and terrific bands? Actually, I have no idea.

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