Old School Monday:: Rob Base & Rodney O Joe Cooley

Tis a busy week here in Halifax for the hill. Legendary founding member of the hill, a man known the world over (or amongst Ack, me, and a few others) as The Miz, is in town for a visit for the first time since 2002, so that's certainly good news. Then, on Tuesday, the event you've all been waiting for will finally arrive: the Ack will arrive in Halifax to commence our coverage of the 15th Halifax Pop Explosion (speaking of which, a new schedule for the Explosion is up, check it out here). It's exciting stuff, and we're hoping to have a ton of great coverage on the hill this week, so be sure to check in on a daily basis.

So, to commemorate the Ack's return, I figured I needed a couple of classic songs that the Ack and I enjoy. And for us there's nothing more classic than the brilliance of a little something called It Takes Two. Then, for a follow up, we'll get ready to roll on the Pop Explosion with Rodney O Joe Cooley's appropriately named Get Ready To Roll.

MP3:: Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
Honestly, do I need to say anything about this one? Perhaps our main go to jam when it was time for the Ack & I to turn it up a notch, it might be heard a time or two this week.

MP3:: Rodney O Joe Cooley - Get Ready To Roll
I've talked about Rodney O Joe Cooley before, so I'm not going to go into great length here, but suffice to say they are mighty awesome in many ways.

Video:: Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two

@ 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

It Takes Two has nothing on "Times are Gettin' Ill"



@ 9:04 AM, Blogger naedoo kicked the following game:

Absolutely correct my friend, Times Are Gettin' Ill will certainly make an appearance on OSM at some point.


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