Old School Mondays:: Brother Ali & A Tribe Called Quest

Yes, before you say it, I am in fact cheating with this post. Usually I post two jams from the 85-95 timeframe, and as you can imagine, the Brother Ali song is not from that period at all. It is in fact a live version of the excellent Lookin' At Me Sideways from his latest album and recorded live at The Attic during Ali's Halifax Pop Explosion show. So yeah, it isn't really that old school, but hey, it isn't Monday either. The week-long nuttiness of the Explosion has me all off schedule, and I wanted to use this song, so here you go.

Pairing it with the Tribe classic Can I Kick It? is a no-brainer due to the fact that Brother Ali uses that song's classic chorus as a call & response routine with the crowd, who are very into it. Two great songs, one old and one new, enjoy them and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled old school schedule next week.

MP3:: A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?

MP3:: Brother Ali - Lookin' At Me Sideways (Live @ The Attic)

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