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Monday, October 29, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Whodini & The Geto Boys

I don't mind telling you I had nothing for Old School Mondays this week. Last week didn't generate any ideas for me, and I was away most of the weekend, so I wasn't sure what to post. But seeing as how Halloween is on Wednesday, I figured I'd post some songs in that vein. Dana Dane's Nightmares came immediately to mind, but I still haven't recovered from finding out his accent was fake, so I passed. The two other songs that came to mind are Whodini's Freaks Come Out At Night and the Geto Boys My Minds Playin' Tricks On Me.

MP3:: Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night
This jam certainly sounds like a zombie-ish, Halloween-style jam, but it's pretty much just about weird NYC club kids, so I suppose it doesn't make much sense in this context. Although, the getups they have on in their video are basically Halloween costumes, so I suppose that might make it somewhat relevant. Seriously, watch the video, it is awesome. I don't know who is who, but one of them (I'll guess Ecstacy as the sassy name suits the outfit) is wearing white boxers (they are too small to be called shorts), a leather jacket with no shirt underneath, and some kind of leather bolo hat with a chin strap. The other dude is sporting the Mike Jackson starter kit with black leather pants, a white blazer, and accessorises the ensemble with a pink hair feather. They also rap with mic stands, which is surely a lost art. Look closely and you'll also spot a tiny, jheri-curl sporting Jermaine Dupri getting his dance on backstage. So even though Whodini has a song called The Haunted House Of Funk which might actually be about Halloween, I don't regret my choice.

MP3:: The Geto Boys - My Minds Playin Tricks On Me
This song actually is about creepy shit, although Bushwick Bill is the only one who actually mentions Halloween: "This year Halloween fell on a weekend, me & Geto Boys were trick or treatin', robbin' little kids for bags". Seriously, can you imagine being like 10 and having crazy little Bushwick Bill and huge-ass Willie D jack you for your candy? Seems scarier than any horror movie I can think of. I was never a huge Geto Boys fan, but this song is a monster. The guitar lick in the chorus is as catchy a sample you'll ever come across in hip hop. Dr. Wiki tells me it's from Isaac Hayes's song Hung Up On My Baby, so I believe it. Anyway, surely you've heard this and seen the video many, many times, but it never gets old. great song.

Video:: Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night

Video:: The Geto Boys - My Minds Playin Tricks On Me

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