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Posse Cuts:: The Rascalz - Northern Touch

The other day I mentioned I had a few new sections up my sleeve to fill in the void Ack's vacation has left here at the hill, so it's time to introduce another. As the title suggests, this here new section is all about that beloved hip hop tradition, the posse cut.

If you've listened to any hip hop at all in your life, chances are you've heard a posse cut. That's because the posse cut has been a part of hip hop since way, way back in the day. Originally, when there wasn't as much money involved and dudes were mainly doing it for the fun, love, etc. and so on, the posse cut was a way for an MC or group to let their assorted friends, weed carriers, and hangers-on to try their hand on the mic. But as the Golden Age picked up steam, the posse cut, like hip hop itself got more serious. Rather than just having any group of goofs try and rhyme on your record, it became a necessity to put a posse cut on your album featuring the finest MC talent from your crew, label, city, or your extended rap family (a la the Native Tongues).

As a result, the hip hop canon is full of fantastic posse cuts, some of which are among the most popular and most beloved hip hop jams in history. These days, the posse jam isn't dead, but it certainly isn't as de rigueur as it once was. More often than not, it shows up these days in the form of a remix done for a popular song. Which means the remix might be today's posse cut, although a remix often is a posse cut, which is kind of confusing, so we'll move on. Anyway, just because the posse cut isn't as popular as it was, doesn't mean we don't still love them. Ack and I certainly do, and we'd talked for ages about doing a huge post with all the best posse cuts. However, that turned out to be way too much content for one post, so I'm running with the idea and turning it into a semi-regular feature here on the hill.

Basically what that means is that once in a while I'll be posting a posse cut and then prattling on about why it's awesome and why your life is empty if you haven't heard it. You know, that old routine. I know you're asking, but what makes a posse cut? Well, wiki describes it thusly:

A posse cut is a popular form of song in hip hop music that involves successive verses by four or more rappers.

That's fair enough, but our definition here at the Hill is a little different. We're defining the posse cut as any song that features at least 2 extra MC's in addition to the regular MC or group members. Why the difference you ask? No real reason, mainly we just like being contrary, and I think 2 extra MC's is enough for a posse. Especially if your last name is Van Peebles. So, without further ado, let's get to the inaugural posse cut.

So many songs to choose from, but I had to go with a Canadian classic to lead things off. Plus, it's one of the Ack's favorite jams, so he'll enjoy this if the luau ever ends. Of course I speak of The Rascalz Northern Touch, which features Red1 and Misfit of course, along with Kardinal, Thrust, Choclair, and Checkmate. It's a classic posse cut with yes, a northern touch (haha, sorry, couldn't resist). It has a classic beat (I think it's an EPMD beat, but I can't place it), Kardinal kills the hook, and some of the verses are stellar. I always liked Choclair's verse, the mention of going to Monday Night Raw with fellow T.O. MC Dan-E-O was comical to me for some reason. And then there's the legendary Thrust. Well even though he was a veteran T.O. MC back when this dropped, this verse made him a legend, at least in the minds of Ack and many others. I mean this is the goods right here:

A regular over style that you wanna represent, present
In otherwords I pay the rent
I'm the past to the present and the future
What ever suits ya, its all the same
this kid's got game

That's the kind of lyrical brilliance Greg Nice could get behind. But there you go, the first Herohill posse cut feature of many to come - we've got a lengthy list compiled. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Please feel free to suggest your favorite posse cuts, and we many try and expand into other musical genres too, so if you have anything at all in mind, shoot it our way.

MP3:: Rascalz f. Choclair, Kardinal Official, Thrust & Checkmate - Northern Touch

Video:: The Rascalz - Northern Touch

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At 2:00 PM, Anonymous matthew did sayeth:

I remember seeing The Rascalz live at some Edgefest...they were so bad. :(


At 10:53 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

Yes, well, perhaps you're forgetting the Rascalz did a song with Brett "The Hitman" Hart! Oh wait, that might not help their case...


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