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Four years between albums is an eternity, especially for a band that recorded with Steve Albini and got an 8.5 from Pitchfork. In today's world, they'd have re-released the record with a few b-sides and a cover and being living high of the blog-hog.

But for the Brooklyn based band The Forms, things didn't quite play out like that. Instead of getting snapped up by a label hoping to convert their success into car commercials and MTV Subterranean spots, they are now going at this alone and you know what, I think it's great.

I hope the band is happy doing this on their own, because it's a crime that people aren't all over their sound and will be even worse if we have to wait four more years. As their new self-titled record starts, you get hit with the slow groove of Knowledge at Hand that makes you wonder if someone slipped Pinback a Quaalude. The infectious head nod starts, but instead of a quick sprint, the Forms move at a much more restrained pace. Maybe if I hit shift + F7 I could find a better word, but it's somewhat hypnotizing. The gentle piano gives way to punchy guitars and crisp drums and for the next thirty minutes the band drops layers on top of each other like they are using Photoshop.

Four years has changed the band. Sure they still dot the soundscape with organic piano elements (Bones could really be considered a natural progression from Stravinsky), use crisp drum-machine like percussion bursts and deliver sharp vocals, but this album is more immediate. Excluding interludes, it's ten songs and not one creeps over the four-minute barrier. Red Gun is 2:25 and in that time they use a nice bass lead, soaring vocals and harmonies. In a time where bands seem to think you need seven minutes to accomplish your goal, the Forms show that getting to the point is effective and immensely rewarding.

Take a chance on these guys. Seriously.
MP3:: Knowledge at Hand
MP3:: Stravinksy

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