Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reviews:: Ted Leo/ Rx live @ Richard's on Richards

There wasn't much that would have gotten me off my ass last night, well besides Ted Leo. It was my sixth show in seven nights (with a 7 hour fight tossed in for fun), but Ted and the RX are like a musical duvet you can throw on to warm your soul. His shows are always high energy and he revisits the back catalog early and often.

That being said, things are changing for the band. Most noticeably, for the second straight time in Vancouver, the band had some changes in personnel. They are still a four-piece, but they have a new bass player and the different style really changed things up a bit. Marty's sound was a bit bigger and fuller and really got things rocking.

But maybe the biggest change for the band is the audience. It's getting younger and younger and it's almost shocking to see the front row full of young girls dancing around to Bottle of Bucky. Ted has been rocking a long time, and it's a good thing he loves to play because I really think his fans are becoming less in tune to his ideals and influences. He must get so tired of people yelling out to hear "Since You Been Gone" or talking about bands that no one knows about. Last night he was wearing a Blitz pin, and someone asked him what it said. When he replied Blitz was one of the best punk rock outfits from back in the day, you could hear crickets. He even played a bit of Someone's Going to Die that sadly landed on deaf ears.

But the great thing is Ted doesn't care. During this latest Canadian tour the van was broken into (Winnipeg), but they still seemed ecstatic to be playing. He and the band ripped through a killer set that hit mostly from the new album and Shake the Sheets. Within a few songs, Ted was sweat soaked and the crowd was going crazy. It's funny to picture but people in the crowd had tote bags, doing ballroom spins and jumping awkwardly to Bomb.Repeat.Bomb. Their were dread locked hippies playing air guitar during Me and Mia and a sing-along broke out during Counting Down the Hours. Probably the biggest compliment you can give Ted is that everyone LOVED it. People sang along to every word and screamed out requests.

He's never sacrificed his ethics or musical standards and finally people are getting it. He's the only artist I can think of that can toss in a Daft Punk cover (One More Night) and have it fit the same set that hits on some Oi punk and a Pogues cover and it's why people like me will drag themselves off their couch whenever he comes to town.

MP3:: Dirty Old Town - Ted Leo (Live @ Richard's On Richards)

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