Sunday Morning Coffee:: Dana Wylie

I know this section is supposed to showcase Vancouver bands, but Dana Wylie fits nicely into the vibe and she and her band are touring throughout Vancouver so I bent the rules. Wylie is one of those interesting stories you like to read about.

Her music has evolved as she traveled all over the world picking up songs and experiences. With the support of a very talented band, Wylie has logged more than 200 shows over the last few years and it has really helped the band create a unique sound.

Mixing equal parts booming piano ballads (Even in Saskatchewan and Hurricane Boy), with jazz (the slink and brushed drums of The Money Song) and honky tonk blues (To Go), is something lots of bands try, but fail to deliver. Luckily, Wiley has a strong voice that is as malleable enough to fit the variety of influences the band expose. Without Wylie's vocals, the bluegrass feel of I Know You Know would have felt out of place on the record, and her power allows Jez to meander around the track with his harmonica.

All in all, it's a pleasant way to start your Sunday.
MP3:: Hurricane Boy
MP3:: The Money Song
MP3:: I Know You Know


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