Monday, November 26, 2007

Between the Covers:: Bonnie Prince Billy vs. R. Kelly

Originally, this post was going to be a nice little battle between The North Mississippi All-Stars vs R.L. Burnside, but my hard drive crashed a few months back, so I lost that live MP3 (that is said as in live concert, not slang).

Instead, you get a battle between one person I am 100% bout it bout it and one person who pees on young women. Will Oldham, and all his aliases, pretty well get a free pass from me, but even I was a bit skeptical when I saw his new EP had an R. Kelly cover.

Video:: The World's Greatest - R. Kelly
As far as I can tell, aside from molestation and being trapped in a huge closet, R. Kelly's biggest claim to fame is this Apollo Creed tribute track, The World's Greatest. I have no idea what the song is about - Shane thought it was a collabo shout out for 9/11 and the Muhammad Ali movie - but I'm not sure and really don't care.

The video is pretty awesome, if only because he is jamming around a ring with Stars & Stripes gloves and he star wipes an "Ali is the greatest" type thing in a horrible font. Other than that, well it's R. Kelly so let's just be happy he's not freaking out thinking people are shooting at him.

MP3:: The World's Greatest - Bonnie Prince Billy
The simple picked guitar on this shows that maybe, just maybe R. Kelly is a great song writer. More accurately, it could just be that Will Oldham makes any song sound good. The little electric noodle and backing harmonies add some depth to the song, but the lack of Stars & Stripes is evident.

Winner - really, I don't want to vote against R, just in case he's chilling in my closet with his pearl handled six shooter.

Well, I found my North Mississippi Allstars cover of RL. So here you go.
MP3:: Goin' Down South

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