Friday's Odds and Sods:: The Hot Version + Dylan

Matthew over @ I Heart Music tallied up his list, checked it twice ... wait, or was that Santa? Anyway. He polled some of the blogs about the hottest Canadian acts going and Shane and I both submitted our thoughts. So head over and check it out.

Wondering what the Hill thought? Well, of course you are. As usual, we are kind of not 100% in sync with the norm, but that's why you come and read us I guess. Seriously though - HOW DID AMOS THE TRANSPARENT NOT MAKE THIS LIST!

Enough babble - to get you moving like a cruise ship sing-along, here's our lists of HOT, HOT, HOT:

Naedoo (I put where final ranking in brackets beside the entry):
  • Land Of Talk (32)
  • Hey Rosetta (No rank)
  • Weakerthans (19)
  • Jenn Grant (16)
  • Skratch Bastid (No rank)
  • These Electric Lives (No rank)
  • Julie Doiron (12)
  • Wintersleep (14)
  • Tho Hours Traffic (13)
  • Feist (1)
  • The Great Bloomers (33) - MP3:: So Cool
  • Handsome Furs (6)
  • The Bicycles (No rank)
  • Basia Bulat (5)
  • Nathan Lawr (No rank)
  • Two Hours Traffic (13)
  • The Weakerthans (19)
  • Amos the Transparent (NO RANK @#%)
  • Miracle Fortress (3)
  • Wolf Parade (15) - MP3:: My Father's Son
Also, I just wanted to briefly talk about the new soundtrack for the Dylan flick, I'm Not There. It's been blogged to death and people are throwing up MP3's so really you don't need any more from us - especially when a record company and a film studio are on the hunt - but I did want to mention how much I liked this collection.

I'm not really much of a Dylan fan. In fact, the only good memory I have of his music is that a dude I used to play basketball (who traveled on every play and is the only guy I know with a hyphenated name), Chris Graves-Smith, loved Dylan more than Kelly and Brenda combined.

I've seen him three times and always left underwhelmed, but there is no question about the influence he's had on the music world and this soundtrack proves that. The double disc showaces some of the biggest names in music playing Dylan covers and the remarkable thing is that his songs are so strong each band can run with it in their own style. The acoustic, surf rock of Mama, You've Been On My Mind (Jack Johnson) fits nicely with tracks by Sonic Youth, the Black Keys and Iron & Wine.

For me, the stand outs are Willie Nelson (Senor: Tales of Yankee Power) and Ramblin' Jack Elliott, but the beauty of this soundtrack is no matter what band you are into (assuming you love white indie rocking outfits), there are songs you will love.

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