Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Look back:: William Whitmore live @ The Picador in Iowa City

What can I say. The music is slowing down when it comes to new releases, so it's the time for bloggers to redesign their site and join the circle jerk of year end lists (yes, we will be doing at least one of these).

So instead of trying to track down another flash in the pan to tie you over, I decided to go back to last year's number one and give you some great music. William Whitmore: one man, one banjo, lots of shots of whiskey. His record - Song of the Blackbird - was my favorite record last year, and probably my favorite of the last few years to be honest.

Well, since he hasn't put out any solo records this year, I'm going to link up a show he played in Iowa City. I originally grabbed this over @ the Captain's Dead, but the links are all gone now so I'm going to share the sharing. The show is full of awesome banter, and drunken mayhem. Basically, it's a Whitmore show.

William Whitmore - Live The Picador in Iowa City:: 9/1/06 - full zip - (87MB)

Take It On the Chin
One Man's Shame
Rest His Soul
The Chariot
Burn My Body
Red Buds
Sometimes Our Dreams Float Like Anchors
Diggin' My Grave
Johnny Law
Our Paths Will Cross Again
Black Iowa Dirt

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