Friday, November 16, 2007

News:: Ghostface Dolls for All

My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. Not that I expected you to know, but now that you do know, and you're thinking perhaps you'd like to get me a little something as a thank you for all the blog magic I've conjured up over the past year, I know what you can get me: The Ghostface Doll. The Ack brought this little beauty to my attention last week, and although everyone and their hipster Dad has blogged on it since then, I still couldn't resist mentioning it myself.

And who could resist, look at this thing, it's awesome. Sure, it costs an exorbitant $500, but can you put a price on awesome? Before you answer that, let's run down the highlights:

:: "When Ghostface Killah was initially approached he thought it was a bobble-head figure, and was ready to commit to the project." - This might beg the question "Then why didn't you just make a bobble-head?" But I suppose $500 is outrageous even by Ghostface standards.

:: The Eagle Wristband - The Wally Champ's signature eagle wristband/Hercules bracelet has been re-created for the Ghostface doll in real 14k gold. As you know, the real eagle wristband has been melted down (no doubt to be put towards some even more fabulous piece of truck jewelery), no get the doll and preserve it's memory in miniature.

:: "The Ghostface Doll rocks a classic Ghostdini robe that would be fit for a king." - Do I need to add anything to this? Naturally he's also sporting wallabees. Red wallees that match his red Yankees fitted. There's no mention of whether not you can dye the wallees, an option you might expect considering the price tag.

;; Here some titles of the Ghostface Dolls' audio clips - "I put it in em shot up in em deadly venom", "Remember when i longed dicked you and broke your ovary", "Yo bitch i fucked your friend ya you stank ho." Hmmm, perhaps 500 bucks isn't that expensive after all.

:: "The Doll is enclosed in a box that has remanants of Fine Louis XIII cognac." - I don't even know what this means, but I do know it sounds like class.

:: "Ghostface's classic godly dinner plate has been recreated and scaled for his doll. Made with 14k gold, this chain and pendant is one of the flashiest pieces of jewelry you will ever see on a doll, or even a real life rapper." - You think your doll has a flashy chain? Your doll ain't got shit! Oh sorry, I got carried away.

"Here's a tennis court for your birthday". That has always been a favorite Ghost line of mine, but now I'll just settle for a doll. I'll leave you with some Ghostface to mull over whether or not you want me to have a happy birthday - the awesome Mighty Healthy from Supreme Clientele, just because it's always been a favorite of mine, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps which, I believe, was originally a Ghost track but is now re-worked as a Wu song for their new album.

MP3:: Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy

MP3:: Wu-Tang Clan - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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