Saturday, November 17, 2007

News:: Hayden - new record & Hali/Vancouver shows

After reading about the Ghostface doll, I'm not sure anything else might qualify as news for you readers, but this made my week.

Hayden has been around forever (I can remember seeing him in my first year of University back in 93), won fans over with his amazing music, but still kind of hovers in the background when it comes to Canadian music icons.

His quiet life probably contributes to the lack of attention Hayden receives, but he's been busy. His label (Hardwood records - home of Basia Bulat and Cuff the Duke) is putting out fantastic Canadian releases, he contributed a killer track to Yerbird's folk comp, and finally he's releasing a new record.

The new record - In Field & Town - is due out January 15th and he's streaming the opening single on his myspace. Where and When is a summery, roots track with a terrific bass line and hand claps. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the ending of this song is spectacular.

Since we try to go coast to coast like Tyus Edney or the Space Coaster, our local readers should make note of two shows:
February 1 Halifax, Nova Scotia St. John's United Church
February 12 Vancouver, British Columbia UBC

I don't want to link up the new song until he officially releases it (to the general public, not just stereogum), so here's a track a lot of you might not have heard yet.
MP3:: Message From London

web site :: myspace

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