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News:: Quality Local Shows, Oui! Celine, Non.

The central point of this here post is to re-inforce the fact that here in Halifax we should focus more on the good shows we do get, instead of expending so much energy worrying about why Bono doesn't love us. That being said, I'm going to start with info on three great shows going down in Halifax this Saturday. There is also a hilarious editorial-like component about the Celine Dion nonsense that's been going on here in Halifax, which you can read further down the page.

Bluebird North Tour - Halifax
Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene), Catherine MacLellan, Jordan Croucher and Host Christopher Ward!
The Music Room, 8:00 pm – 10:30pm

I have to say, this really sounds like a tremendous show. BSSer Jason Collett is coming off a US tour with Feist and will likely be doing material from his upcoming album Here's To Being Here. I reviewed Catherine Maclellan's Church Bell Blues earlier this month, and from what I've heard, I'm sure The Music Room will be a great venue for her to her to showcase her beautiful voice. Adding the hip-hop flavoured, R&B; stylings of Jordan Croucher to this show is an interesting choice, but he's a talented dude, and it's nice to see an urban artist included in a show like this. For the record, the "!" after Christopher Ward above is copied from the site's description. Not that I have an issue with one of the original Muchmusic veejays, I'm just not sure I'd use an exclamation point in that particular instance.
MP3:: Jason Collett - Out Of Time
MP3:: Catherine MacLellan - Emily's Song

Wintersleep w/ Basia Bulat
Cunard Centre, Doors Open at 8PM
Really just another great show. I haven't lost a iota of enthusiasm for Wintersleep's Welcome To The Night Sky since reviewing it at the end of October. They'll be returning to Halifax after touring Canada, so I'd expect a great show. Ack had plenty of nice things to say about Basia Bulat's debut Oh, My Darling (including some GN'R comparisons), so I think it's safe to say you'll be getting your money's worth at this one.
MP3:: Wintersleep -Weighty Ghost

Corb Lund w/ Brian Byrne
The Marquee, Doors Open at 9PM
No one has been generating more traffic on the hill this past month than Corb Lund. Seems a tad odd considering Corb favours narratives about horses and cavalries, but he managed to win the Ack over. Saturday night is your chance to find out what all the country fuss is about. Plus, his backing band is called the Hurtin' Albertans, which is a tremendous name.
MP3:: Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!

Until today, unless you happen to live in Halifax, chances are you hadn't heard about the whole Celine Dion kerfuffle we've been having this month. For your benefit I'll recap:

- Our mayor and some of his local promoter friends who have cartoon dollar signs for pupils ask Celine to play Halifax

- She agrees, no doubt in exchange for a steamer trunk full of thousand dollar bills

- The mayor & them let it slip that a major concert announcement is in the offing

- concert starved Halifax gets its hopes higher than Owen Wilson at The Darjeeling Limited wrap party

- Celine is announced as the major concert announcement, 5 old people get hyped, rest of city throws a spaz

- City continues the blown gasket routine, Celine's peeps coincidentally announce that Halifax cannot handle the whole weight of her elaborate stage show

- Most of city laughs

- Today her creepy, bearded Glad man husband tells a reporter that they canceled the show out here because we insulted Celine

Now of course I don't care that Celine isn't coming here, but I'd have to think that chasing away international artists might not be the ideal way to attract the shows you do want to see. If we want to get major acts to come, we need to act like a major city and learn to ignore things. Do you think everyone in Toronto has a freak-out when Celine comes to town? They don't, because they get so many shows that they don't care if there are some lame ones sprinkled in the mix. Considering our population, and the fact that we aren't really located near any other major event cities, we actually do get plenty of shows. So, to borrow a football metaphor, let's act like we've been there before and not collectively lose our shit when they announce a concert.

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At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Shane -

Thanks for the comments on Celine. I concur wholeheartedly!!



At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Well done Naedoo!



At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Let's not feel too bad for Celine...she has a concert lined up for Quebec's 400 year anniversary the day before the planned Halifax concert...I wonder if that had anything to do with the decision...



At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Way to go Halifax! A one horse town you are and shall remain...I read 6 pages of press releases and blogs to understand why the greatest Canadian artist of all time, the world best singer, has canceled her trip. I understand a little better why French Canadians and especially from Quebec have had separatist aspirations...It seem to me that Halifax, just as Western Canada, has it's fair share of rednecks and bigots. Some idiots explained away the loss by saying she was not writing her own songs! Where have you been!?? But hey, they canceled and you bunch of morons would not know the difference, you must be culturally stunted...the only loss? A residual feeling that Halifax may have loss money...

San Francisco USA


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