Posse Cuts:: Marley Marl - The Symphony

In yesterday's review for Baby Elephant's Turn My Teeth Up, I noted that the title track utilised some nice ragtimey, saloon-style piano. So that got me thinking about hip hop songs that also used similar piano styles, and then I also realized that I hadn't featured a new Posse Cut since I launched the section a couple weeks ago. I think you know where this is going, especially if you read the title: today we're featuring one of the original, and best, posse cuts, Marley Marl's The Symphony.

It's probably not overstating things to say that The Symphony is one of the top 2 or 3 songs all other posse cuts are compared to. Marley's beat is an absolute killer (the Otis Redding piano loop playing a major role), and it features stellar verses from golden age legends Master Ace, Craig G, Kool G. Rap, and Big Daddy Kane. I think sometimes people sell the Juice Crew short due to the L Shan caught in his beef with KRS, but listening to this song reinforces how influential Marley and his clique were.

All the MC's pretty much rip their verse (I think this was Ace's first time on record, so that considered, he does a good job leading off), but G. Rap and Kane are on another level. Ordinarily, in my opinion, Kane is tops on anything he appears on, but in this case it's too close to call. Kane does drop the classic "so put a quarter in your ass cause you played yourself" line, and he pulls a Sweetness/Superbowl Shuffle move by not showing up for the western portion of the video, so that might give him an edge. As for best hat, Craig G's sombrero gets my vote.

So here you go, enjoy one of the true classics in the pantheon of posse cuts. Also, because I like you guys (and gals, but honestly, are there gals reading this? I think not), you can also enjoy Master Ace's Four Minus Three, which is Ace on the Symphony beat without the other MC's.

MP3:: Marley Marl f. Master Ace, Craig G., Kool G. Rap & Big Daddy Kane - The Symphony

MP3:: Master Ace - Four Minus Three

Video:: Marley Marl - The Symphony

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