Friday, November 30, 2007

Reviews:: Bill Patton's Gets It On

One of the benefits of constantly asking musicians about records is the simple fact you find out about hidden treasures that need to be unearthed. J Tillman - who is streaming two demos from his upcoming record right now on his myspace - mentioned that Bill Patton's 2006 record, Gets It On, is his favorite record of 2007. That's a pretty bold claim for someone who travels in the same circles as Al James, Laura Gibson and Damien Jurado, and certainly made Patton someone to search out.

Patton is a multi-talented musician. Playing steel guitar for countless NW acts, his own material is beautiful stripped down folk. A few simple strums on A Crimefighter Who Pities Fools pulls you close, and Patton's voice does the rest. The tragic tale of a renegade cop drips emotion and sincerity, like a bar room confessional. The most astounding thing about this hushed folk effort is the incredibly diverse.

The double-tracked vocals on the chamber folk, Simon and Garfunkel-esque Casino. The wit and playful humor that creeps out over the steel work on Dirty Woman (how can you not move along to a chorus of "ooh I Need a dirty woman, ooh I need a dirty girl" or "I like a waitress I'm a sucker, but you can't tell me you wouldn't f&ck; her"). The complete reworking of Prince, Sabbath and The Fab Four (Kiss is almost unrecognizable and She Loves You is much more emotion filled) tracks all crackle.

Bill Patton is a voice that needs to be heard, but sadly his hushed tones and warming steel textures are not the type of tracks that jump out and grab you. Hopefully with talented people like J Tillman singing his praise, the rest of us will catch on soon.

MP3:: A Crimefighter Who Pities Fools
MP3:: Dirty Woman
MP3:: She Loves You - Beatles cover

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