Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reviews:: Brad Casey The Hour Between Dog and Wolf

Brad Casey comes off as an artist that wants you to know he doesn't need you to like him or his work. His liner notes and bio basically tell you to enjoy the record or don't, it doesn't matter to him. He embraces his songs and their imperfections (which any artist should) and isn't concerned if you do.

While I appreciate the fact that writing songs is a personal journey, I'm not sure if starting off the experience by dismissing your audience is the smartest move especially since instead of brash, brazen hooks, Casey writes intimate, inviting tracks.

I know it takes a confidence to expose yourself on every track, but the spare arrangements welcome you in to his heart and soul, they don't push you away. The Hour Between the Dog and Wolf is actually really engaging. The majority of the tracks are simple guitar strums and Casey's voice, but the songs are full of emotion and add just enough beautiful, well-placed sounds (like the trumpet on You Alone) to keep the record moving.

But the star of the show is Casey's vocals. He's got some clever lyrics wrapped in his warble filled voice. I mean, "I met a man of heavy holiness who said that vertigo would keep his soul from heaven's highness for fear of the ground below" is deeper than the Mines of Minolta, but Casey's songs never come off as pretentious.

Tracks like Sophia and Israfel are laced with the depressing imagery that so many music lovers search for. Casey exists in the drifter world of goodbyes and regret; the world where seclusion forces you to replay decisions in your mind, harboring mistakes and reliving better times.

For a young artist, he's already quite adapt at crafting narratives that keep you listening. You Alone is a great song that shows Casey talking about a woman he loved that chose another man, any man to cure her loneliness. The subject matter is not unique, but the way he puts together lyrics over a simple arrangement certainly is.

Like Casey himself says, this record isn't perfect, but it is very enjoyable. He's got that "something" you need to have to grab a listener's ear when it's just you and your guitar.

MP3:: Sophia and Israfel

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Hmmm...if you liked this, maybe I should give it another listen...


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