Monday, November 19, 2007

Reviews:: Roger Dean Young & the Tin Cup Threshold

Today is one of those Vancouver days I hate. The rain is spitting down, it's grey and lifeless and the cold air sticks to your bones. It's a stark reminder that your umbrella is going to be your most used fashion accessory for the next 90 days, and you start making up excuses to avoid friends and hibernate with bottles of red wine. I never understood seasonal depression until I got here, but instead of a nice Autumn transition, we are required to view the world through black and white until March.

Normally, fall is my favorite season . As the leaves change, so does my music of choice. I miss that as much as I miss anything else, because a record like Threshold would be one that fits nicely. Roger Dean Young & The Tincup is a Vancouver based roots outfit, but as I mentioned before, that is selling them short. I mean, you could simply point someone to a track like Black Water - with Leah's solid harmonies and country vibe - the addictive stand up bass line that pushes Red Willow Bow (probably my favorite track on this record) or the graceful Hummingbird and turn any country fans's ear, but this band is much more than that.

Young's warming warble steadies the tracks and the songs consistently step outside the comforting boundaries of country/roots realm, but never wander too far to know how to get back. The flare the Tin Cup adds to the songs are remarkable. Two-Step showcases some beautiful trumpet and the gentle hint of Afrobeat that pushes over the Calexico-esque horns and swagger of Manyberries Soul Revival are just two examples of the talented musicianship. The jazzy swing of Pleiades is another.

Roger and his band are willing to take the risks needed to stand out in the genre of country music. All too often, records are just mediocre songs written by hipsters who try to make country music cool. The problems are that country music that is inherently uncool and for the most points, these efforts are simply watered downed, but this case is quite the opposite. I don't think any of these musicians worry about what people think of their music, and the end result is something fantastic.
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