Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reviews:: Tokyo Police Club Smith

There is almost nothing on the new EP that will shake the foundation of the Tokyo Police Club fan club headquarters. Smith is three new songs, a remix and three videos; a grand total of 10 minutes and 28 seconds of unheard notes. Most people will simply shrug and wonder why another EP hits the shelves while we all wait for a full length to be release on Saddle Creek, but there are little glimmers of hope all over the Smith EP.

The record opens up with Box, a two-minute quick hitter that has some weird vocal ba-ba-bas and drops a Ramones-y guitar riff before the synths and drums settle nicely into that familiar, infectious crunch we all love about the band. It's strangely comforting to know the band can continue to write songs that grab you on the first play and aren't afraid to play to their strengths, but for me the most interesting part of the EP is A Lesson in Crime.

Taking a break from post punk riffs, the band opens themselves up for critique when A Lesson in Crime features a simple piano riff and Dave Monk's vocals. That basically says it all - in three songs TPC shows us they aren't going anywhere soon, but aren't going to simply rewrite the same tracks over and over again. In ten simple minutes, they've managed to intrigue almost every fan.
MP3:: Cut Cut Paste


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