Sunday Morning Coffee:: No Kids

I'm back to talking about Vancouver bands on the Sunday Morning Coffee and to be fair, if this band was coffee it would be about three shots of espresso. No Kids are the latest Canadian band to get signed to TomLab and consists of Julia Chirka, Justin Kellam and Nick Krgovich of P:ANO, but they get help from a lot of contributers.

The best way to describe the sounds are ... unique. You can't really fit their songs into a genre. Quirky pop, falsetto vocals, strings, horns, blue man/stomp percussion: these are the elements you find of the few tracks they've put out so far, and without a doubt they are infectious. Old Iron Gate starts with a putting on the ritz type beat that jumps around your headphones, but the transition in vocals and strings are what makes this song pop.

Another Song is more of a standard affair, pulsing keys and subdued 80's vocals and a fuzzed out bass line all blend into a nice menage of sounds. Without trying to force the description, it's perfect for a Wes Anderson soundtrack, balancing a quirkly plot line.

It will be interesting to see how a complete collection of tracks shapes up, but the initial appetizers they've given us are intriguing. Their full length - Come Into My House - is due out in early 2008 and here is the first single.
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