Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Portico

Copperspine Records is putting out some quality, quality music. Roger Dean Young, Neins Circa and of course, Portico. I actually thought I talked about Portico before, but after a quick scan I realize I didn't. My bad. Wait, is it still cool to say my bad?

Portico is a four-piece from Vancovuer, and on their second record they've made some huge strides. Subtle orchestration is added to the energy they were already known for and the result is impressive. Lyn Heinemann’s vocals are a perfect mix of sweetness and power, like on my favorite track on the record Sincerely. She draws you in tight, but her voice is still booming enough to drive you back. The song moves around her vocals well, with minor tones, big drums and a nice horn section, but the pace is oddly consistent. They never let the pace run free and it adds a layer of intrigue.

Musically, All Your Daughters is ear pleasing, but the star on this one is Lyn's voice. Don't get me wrong, the song has great parts - the bouncing bass line and nice guitar notes - but I can't stop focusing on her vocals. For some reason I've never made it out to see these guys live, but that will be remedied as soon as possible.

MP3:: Sincerely
MP3:: All Your Daughters


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