Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Big Ups:: Bremerton, Washington

All right, your favorite semi-regular section here on the hill is back! This is the section where we take a minute to thank our loyal readers by shouting out someones hometown. You're dying to know who we're shouting out today, so I'll get right to it. Bremerton, Washington is a city of some 45,000 people across the Puget Sound from Seattle. In fact it's connected to downtown Seattle via a 60 minute ferry ride. It's home to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, the Bremerton Annex of Naval Base Kitsap, and it has connections to a surprising number of people I've heard of for a city that size.

I thought I'd heard Bremerton somewhere before, and it must be from one or more of the folks connected to the city. Quincy Jones moved to Bremerton at age 10. Indie icon Ben Gibbard was born there. Scientology nutter L. Ron Hubbard went to high school there. The elder Gates, Bill Gates Sr. was born in Bremerton. Marvin Williams of the Atlanta Hawks is a graduate of Bremerton High. Geologic of the Seattle hip hop duo Blue Scholars was born there. 49ers QB and former 1st overall NFL draft pick Alex Smith was also born there.

Fairly impressive group of people I have to say, but perhaps the most impressive fact listed on Bremerton's Wiki entry is this: "Sir Mix-a-Lot sings of girls from Bremerton in the song "Bremelo." If that isn't a reason in and of itself to say big up to Bremerton, I don't know what is. So let's do that with a song from Ben Gibbard, a cover of Thriller no less, and North By Northwest from Blue Scholars' Bayani, an album I enjoy but have never posted on. Enjoy.

MP3:: Ben Gibbard - Thriller (via Stereogum)

MP3:: Blue Scholars - North By Northwest

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At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Geo wasn't born in Bremerton! He was born in Long Beach, CA


At 9:12 AM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

Me fault. Wiki says he's "from" Bremerton, and I obviously took that to mean born there, which clearly isn't correct.

Thanks for stopping by to point that out, and big up to Long Beach, I didn't mean to steal your thunder.


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